Here you will find our current special offers

Cistern conversion

68,-incl. assembly + IVA
Renew cistern drain and overflow valve
Inspection of your plant
Water saving

Water systems check

33,-+ IVA
We check the water system of your property in the visible area
Competent advice for abnormalities
Checking a water system can save you from major damage

Boiler maintenance

71,-+ IVA
Save heating costs
Life Extension
Safety through regular maintenance
Better water quality

Backwash filter & pressure reducing valve renewal

179,-+ IVA (Assembly is based on an individual offer)
Advantages for you:
Contamination of the pipes and fittings will be prevented in the future, by absorbing the dirt particles, you can also use the filter itself, e.g. Rinse and clean once a month, without any further assembly.