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Super Pronto Service Mijas Costa

We’re a friendly family-run plumbing and heating company.

My father worked as a gas and water installer in Germany. I was very interested in this profession as a little boy. In 1999 my father and I came to Spain, where we started our own business. Since it is normal in Spain not only to carry out one trade, we did all the work around the house, as well as painting, electrical, tiling and bricklaying.

In 2006 I started my own business with the foundation of the S.L. I have specialized in localization of pipelines in the earth or brickwork with thermal image and drain camera.
I have a service car with a state-of-the-art shelving system and almost 95% of the material on board.

The customer advantage is that there is no need to drive back and forth for every spare part, which makes repairs more expensive.
My materials are state of the art. If it is possible, I no longer use copper pipes, but only composite pipes.

Copper pipes can contain poisonous verdigris if they are not used for a longer period of time. I also give all customers a 3-year, five-star quality warranty on my work. For material and devices the 2-year guarantee obligation applies.
Pipeline cleaning is excluded from the guarantee.

Super Pronto Service!

Always everything on board for you.

Our plumbing company at a glance

We are experts in heating and plumbing in the private sector

Yes, we are a registered S.L., which corresponds to a German GmbH.
Our work is insured and we give a 3 year guarantee and five star quality. The 2-year guarantee applies to materials and devices

We offer our heating service and installation service in the areas of Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Mijas and Mijas Costa, via Marbella, to Estepona.

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